Self-presentation Portfolio



Since the area of my interests is twofold I will divide it as follows:

1. Professional:

  • ePortfolio
  • On-line systems for education(LMS)
  • Usability and quality in e-learning
  • Security issues related to ePortfolio and LMS systems
  • Web 2.0 technologies and applications
  • ICT in education

2. Personal:

  • Sports: football; tennis; squash; cycling; jogging; swimming
  • Repairing all sort of stuff ("do it yourself" moto)
  • Cars
  • Music

Personal Skills

  • Writting music and arrangements
    - Intel E7200, 4GB RAM, 640GB hard drive, 21" LCD
    - Cubase 4 Studio & VST instruments collection - EZDrummer, Native instruments, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, Trilogy...
    - Yamaha PSR 3000 workstation arranger 
  • Cycling
    - RockMachine w Shimano Deore shifting system & RockShock fork
    - SportsTracker/iPhone monitoring/tracking system
  • Running
  • Playing church organs, synthesizer and accordion
  • all sort of "arround the house" jobs

My flight diary

Just a few lines about me...

My name is Igor Balaban and you are currently viewing my Portfolio.
I work at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics(FOI) in Varazdin as an Assistant Professor and I am a member of the team for strategic planning of e-learning @ FOI. Most of my latest research is associated with ePortfolios, quality in e-learning and Information Systems success.
I'm reviever for several international journals such as Computers&Education, International Journal of Information Systems, etc. I have also been involved in several scientific and professional projects. Currently I coordinate Lifelong Learning Programme project "Europortfolio: a European Network of Eportfolio Experts and Practitioners".
The courses I'm involved in best describe my professional interests:

Courses within the Undergraduate study programme:

    * Informatics 1 - Advanced MS Office Word & Excel; MS Access; Python
    * Informatics 2 - Web 2.0; Linux; OpenOffice; Python..

Courses I was involved in within the Graduate study programme:

    * Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) - Online Security/Privacy; Online Behaviour ...
    * Learning Management Systems - Moodle LMS usage and administration.

I also held several workshops and invited lectures on different topics covering the fields of ePortfolios, LMS and OpenSource applications.
Since my area of interests is "Information Systems for teaching and learning", especially LMS and ePortfolios, my PhD thesis was based on ePortfolio and its connection towards Information System. Furthermore I was delighted to have Professor Blazenka Divjak and Dr. Enrique Mu from Carlow University supervising my work.

I hope you will find the information in this Portfolio useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Education History

Primary education (-) at Primary school Prelog
September 1987 - June 1994

Primary Music School, Study Programme: Accordion, Disciplines: Music Theory, Accordion.

Highschool Education (General) at Gymnasium Varazdin
September 1995 - June 1999

Information systems designer (BSc in informatics) at Faculty of organization and informatics
September 1999 - May 2004

PhD Thesis: "Development of an ePortfolio System Success Model: An Information System approach"


My equipment

  • Office desktop: iMac 21.5 / Intel Core i5/ 8GB RAM/Intel 520 series 180GB SSD + WD500GB HDD
    - Mac OSX Lion
    - MS Office for Mac 11
    - Windows 7 Ultimate on VirtualBox
    - Corel Draw Lite,  Skitch
    - Cyberduck
    - TextWrangler
    - Skype
    - Scrivener
    + many more OSX "i"apps

  • For mobility: Acer Aspire One
    - Windows 7 Basic
    - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Smartphone: iPhone 4s w iOS6